High Pressure Tanning

Tan Faster, Deeper & Longer

The X6 is the World’s Most Powerful Tanning Unit! It is the Ultimate in High Pressure Tanning and bronzes Faster, Quicker and Deeper than any other, giving you a lovely golden colour in as little as 6 minutes.

The X6 has 10 times the tanning power of a conventional sunbed so if you are looking for a deep, dark tan then this can be achieved after 2 or 3 sessions on the X6. And, once you have achieved your tan, only 1 or 2 sessions on the X6 a month is needed in order to maintain it.

With a deep golden brown tan that lasts up to 3 times as long as other tans, you will save both time and money by using the X6 high pressure tanning stand.

As a general rule of thumb, for every 3x High Pressure sessions you need to have 1x session on a low pressure conventional sunbed or stand.

High Pressure

So What’s So Different About High Pressure Tanning?

  • Equivalent to ten times the tanning power of a conventional low-pressure tanning sunbed
  • As little as 3 tanning sessions on the X6 high pressure vertical tanning stands are required to give you a really deep, natural and long lasting tan
  • After you have achieved your tan, you only need 1 or 2 tanning sessions a month in order to maintain your deep golden brown colour

The essential difference between standard tanning sunbeds and high-pressure sunbeds like the X6 is the type of bulbs they use. Instead of the fluorescent tubular bulbs used in standard sunbed units, high-pressure sunbeds use quartz bulbs to vary their UV output. In addition, the X6 high-pressure tanning stand has a series of filters that block out most of the (UVB) rays while allowing UVA rays, which are considered among the best for indoor tanning, to penetrate the skin, allowing a deep golden tan.

High-pressure lamps range from 600-2000 watts allowing people to establish a base tan through virtually all UVA exposure in as few as 3 sessions. Comparatively, wattage of standard tanning lamps ranges from 100-180 watts.

So make sure you look out for the X6 and don’t forget to ask our friendly tanning assistants for more information on the world’s best, most powerful tanning unit!