Why use a Tanning Lotion 

  • Tanning Lotions replace the moisture lost during the tanning session – During a tanning session, our skin sweats and this can dry the skin out. Think what happens to water when it is exposed to sunlight – it dries out. The same theory applies to your skin when tanning, dry skin reflects light and sheds more frequently meaning any colour you develop won’t last long. Using a UV Specific tanning lotion will replace the moisture lost in the skin resulting in a deeper tan that lasts. 
  •  Increased Tanning Potential  – Tanning lotions accelerate the tanning process by stimulating the production of melanin. They are specifically designed for use with an ultra-violet source and help your skin to harness the UV rays. 

Accelerator Lotion

Accelerator lotions are a great choice if you are a sunbed beginner. The formula in accelerating lotions is designed to speed up your natural tanning process to help you quickly achieve a darker tan! They include many moisturisers to keep the skin hydrated under UV rays which also helps you tan faster and help your sun-kissed look stay around for longer. 

Bronzer Lotion

 Some people can find it difficult to differentiate between indoor tanning bronzers and self tanning products. Self tanners contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA), this is a chemical which changes the cells of the skin. DHA is also found in bronzing lotions for sunbeds. With a bronzing lotion you will achieve an instant sun-kissed look and your tan will continue to darken hours after your sunbed session. With a bronzing lotion it is recommended to wait a few hours before showering to get the full effects. 

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