How We're Staying Tan at Home

Self-tanners and bronzers are a few skincare must-haves, especially during lockdown/quarantine months when we were seeking that ‘feel good’ feeling. 

With such a large variety of self tans to choice from it can be overwhelming to find one to suit your needs and goals. In pursuit of giving our skin a healthier look with a more even-tone & radiant glow, we have shortlisted our favourites go-to self tans.

Fake Bake 60 Minutes

The best solution when you need a natural looking tan in a flash. Your custom color develops in just one hour!


MyTan Self Tan Lotion

For under £10, you can get a natural, sunless tan that looks professionally done. 

Xen-Tan Classic Dark Lotion

This product catches the light and gives my skin the most luxurious, natural, luminous glow.

Tan Eraser Foam

Prepare your skin by removing any residual tan from before & leaving your skin silky smooth.