Stand Up vs Lay Down Tanning Beds

Tanning Differences in Stand up & Lay down Sunbeds 

The most well known benefit of using a sunbed is achieving a dark, sunkissed tan, but aside from skin tanning they can possess many more benefits such as;

  • Activating Vitamin D – One of the main benefits in terms of health which is associated with tanning beds is the production of vitamin D. Vitamin D has been proven to help many health problems – the main one being Seasonal Effective Disorder (also known as SAD). This is caused by a lack of Vitamin D.
  • Boosts beauty and confidence – The UV produced from a tanning bed increases the creation of endorphins, also known as “happy hormones”which causes a person to be in a good mood and boost energy levels.
  • It can help you lose weight – The UV lights present in a sunbed stimulate the production of nitric oxide, which in turn will boost your metabolism.

Many people think the only difference between these types of beds is the position of them. However, these two types have distinctive differences when it comes to tanning your skin.

Stand Up Tanning Unit

Stand up tanning units can give your skin a deeper colour, which is due to the bulbs in stand up beds being more intense resulting in a more even tan due to the way UV rays are distributed in a 360 degree fashion. Unlike Lay Down sunbeds, Stand Up units are able to target hard to tan areas as the individuals tanning position allows minimum blockage to the skin.

  • 360 degree lamps
  • A more even tan
  • No contact with the surface
  • Standing position

Lay Down Tanning Sunbed

When it comes to comfort, a lay down tanning bed might be more appealing as you can relax while you get a golden brown tan. Unlike most Stand Up tanning units, Lay Down sunbeds boast an array of features to tailor tanning session to your needs and goals. Some features include specialised facial tanners, shoulder tanners, LED collagen facials and climate control. 

  • Extra features; Facial & shoulder tanners
  • Larger variety of sunbeds
  • Customised tanning session
  • A relaxed, laying position

So, are Stand Up or Lay Down sunbeds? Well, it really depends on personal preference. Each tanning enthusiast has different goals, needs, and expectations from any tanning experience. Whichever tanning bed you choose, you need to know how to use it properly. You can even try both or a combination to find out which one works best for tanning your skin.