Say “I DO” to the Perfect Wedding Glow: The Benefits of Spray Tanning for Wedding Season!

As wedding season approaches, brides-to-be are busy finalising every detail to ensure their special day is nothing short of perfect. From choosing the ideal dress to planning the venue and selecting the flowers, there’s a lot to consider. However, one aspect that often gets overlooked but can make a significant difference in the bridal look is the perfect tan.

In recent years, spray tanning has emerged as a popular choice among brides and bridal parties alike. Gone are the days of orange streaks from self-tanning lotions. Today’s spray tanning technology offers an efficient, and natural-looking alternative to achieving that coveted sun-kissed glow. Here’s why spray tanning is a must for wedding season:

  1. Flawless Results: Unlike self-tanning lotions that can result in uneven application and streaks, spray tanning ensures a flawless finish. Our Versaspa spray tan booth can customize the tan to suit individual skin tones with 3 different colour levels available, ensuring a natural and radiant look for the big day. Whether you prefer a subtle glow or a deeper bronze, spray tanning allows for precise control over the intensity of the tan.
  2. Time-Saving Solution: With wedding planning consuming so much time and energy, spray tanning offers a convenient solution for busy brides. A single session typically takes only a few minutes, making it easy to fit into a packed schedule. Plus, most spray tans develop within a few hours, allowing brides to achieve their desired tan without spending hours in the sun or waiting days for self-tanning products to take effect.
  3. Skin-Friendly: Sun exposure can result in unwanted tan lines โ€“ a bride’s worst nightmare. Spray tanning eliminates these concerns by providing a convenient alternative. Moreover, many spray tan solutions contain nourishing ingredients like vitamins and antioxidants, leaving the skin feeling soft, hydrated, and radiant.
  4. Long-Lasting Results: A spray tan can last anywhere from 5 to 7 days with proper care, making it an ideal choice for weddings and other special occasions. Brides can enjoy their bronzed glow throughout their honeymoon and beyond, without worrying about it fading or becoming patchy. Additionally, spray tans can be touched up as needed to maintain the desired shade, ensuring a picture-perfect look from the ceremony to the last dance.
  5. Confidence Boost: There’s no denying the confidence boost that comes with having a beautiful tan. A spray tan can help brides feel more confident and radiant on their wedding day, allowing them to focus on celebrating their day without worrying about pale skin or imperfections. Whether it’s for the bride, groom, or bridal party, spray tanning can enhance everyone’s natural beauty and leave them feeling their best.


Spray tanning offers numerous benefits for wedding season, allowing brides and their loved ones to achieve a flawless, long-lasting tan without the worry of tan lines and streaky self tan. With its customizable results, convenience, and skin-friendly formula, spray tanning is the perfect choice for brides looking to glow from within on their special day. So, why wait? Say “I do” to the perfect tan and step into wedding season with confidence and radiance.