Hyaluron Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate7 X 2 Ml


This anti-wrinkle concentrate helps the skin build up a deposit of moisture and keeps the circulation of moisture intact. This effect is the work of Aquaporine plus, which can stimulate the regeneration of microscopically fine water channels in the skin to help make added moisture more effective within the skin. Sea silk promotes collagen synthesis, leaving a smooth, vital complexion.

Hyaluronic acid, Sea silk, Aquaporine plus

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Say goodbye to wrinkles with Hyaluron + Sea Silk Anti-Wrinkle Skin Optimizer with 7 x 2ml ampules of anti-wrinkle concentrate. Perfect to use alongside a Coll-Tan Session. Choose from Sea Silk for promoting collagen synthesis, leaving a smooth, vital complexion and Stem Cell for a complexion that looks younger, fuller, smoother and more radiant.

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Wellmaxx hyaluron anti-wrinkle concentrate

Hyaluron & Stem Cell extract regenerative power, Hyaluron & Sea Silk