Why you should Spray Tan in the winter

February 1, 2018 HOT Tanning

Winter is in full swing, the days are shorter, and the nights are longer…and let’s not forget colder too! Everyone is longing for the summer months to appear…but unfortunately, it’s only January (sad face).

So what do you do when it’s minus 5 degrees outside and the sun is nowhere to be found?

GET A SPRAY TAN! Regardless of your skintone…everyone looks and feels better when they’ve got that sunkissed glow. So here are a few reasons why spray tanning is so important in the winter.

Skincare and Breakouts

It’s proven that during the winter month’s dermatologists’ have more patients than any other time of year! The main reason…ACNE. It can be easy to take them sun-rays for granted during the summer months; the sun-rays will naturally dry up any breakouts without having to seek help from a professional! But guess what? Spray tanning can have a similar effect…as it will slightly dry your skin and get rid of any annoying breakouts you might have. So as long as you are using a daily moisturiser and drinking plenty of water, a spray tan will keep your skin clear and sun-kissed all year round!

Mental Health

The second reason as to why spray tanning in the winter is so important is less skin deep than the previous. Some people cope with seasonal changes better than others and spray tanning can drastically improve a person’s mood in the cold winter months. Ever realised how much better you feel with a tan? This is because it has been scientifically proven that if you look good, you’ll feel good! So essentially a spray tan in the winter will make you an overall happier individual!

Make sure you stay golden this winter!