ReVive - Treatments

ReVive Rejuvinating LED Light Therapy...Available at HOT!

Treatments are 20 minute long. A relaxing experience with results that increase with repeated use.


 RED is for...Anti-Ageing

BLUE is for...Anti-Acne (and skin conditions)

GREEN is for...Anti-Pigmentation



Using red light improves skin firmness and radiance, reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles and reduces inflammation.

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Blue light targets and kills acne bacteria, soothes skin and controls oil production. Blue light also benefits those with other skin conditions

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Green light Helps control hyperpigmentation and fades sun damage. Helps to fade the appearance of many skin imperfections

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ReVive Pricing 

As ReVive is a treatment, it requires at least 10 sessions to see great results.

Perseverance is key to the success of flawless skin!

Each session mentioned below is 20 minutes long e.g. 5 sessions =  (20 mins) x5


Single Session (1 Sessions): £9.99

Half Course (5 sessions): £29.99 Cost Per Session: £5.99

Full Course (10 sessions): £49.99 Cost Per Session: £4.99

Deluxe Course (20 sessions): £69.99 Cost Per Session: £3.49


More information regarding courses are available at your local HOT salon. Expiration dates apply to courses.