Looking younger is something we all to do and with revolutionary advancements at HOT, you can do just that.

Check out our fantastic products & services which will have you turning back time and looking your best. Available throughout Scotland (Glasgow & the West) at HOT! Tanning Salon.

Turn back time with ReVive LED Light Therapy Mask. ReVive uses the natural healing power of light to give you radiant skin, beat anti-aging and fix many skin perfections including acne & pigmentation.

Special light packed full of energy is shone onto the skin, it transfers its energy into a form the body can use for the repair and rejuvenation process.

  • Revolutionary LED Light Therapy 
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Anti-Acne
  • Anti-Pigmentation
  • 100% Non-Invasive
  • Long Lasting Results

Smarter than fillers with Wellmaxx. Silky serums are the ideal expert for effectively correcting wrinkles.

The innovative peptide technology stimulates the skin's vital factors and ensures optimum regeneration and firmness of the skin. It looks fullers and gains elasticity and radiance.

  • 34% LESS Wrinkles*
  • 29% Improvement in Skin Elasticity*
  • Restructures and Firms Skin
  • Long Lasting Anti-Wrinkle Effects