About Us

HOT! Tanning Salons, Established in 1997 are the leading tanning and slimming chain in Scotland. HOT! have developed a strong reputation within the tanning salon industry based on state of the art equipment, high standards of cleanliness and specialised staff training.


State of the Art Equipment

HOT! have worked closely with some of the world top manufactures of sunbeds to create the ulitmate tanning equipment and tanning experiences. Check out the incredible list of diverse equipment available at HOT! >


Salon Cleanliness & Hygiene

HOT! hold the cleanliness of their salon’s with the upmost importance ensuring that each customers experiences is comfortable & relaxing from start to finish.


Specialised Staff Training

HOT! have create a specialised training programme that all staff undertake prior to starting. This programme includes advanced tanning guidance for customers, equipment & lotions to ensure each customer has a tanning journey tailored to them. Premium customer service  and salon standards/policies are a must at HOT! making each visit a positive one!