Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Season Tanning

April 10, 2018 HOT Tanning

Well…winter is finally over and it’s time to say hello to those lighter nights and later sunsets!

Everyone knows that with spring comes wedding season and with wedding season comes spray tans.



Whether it’s the bride or wedding guests or maybe even the groom, everyone wants to look their very best for the big day!

It’s very common for brides and guests of the wedding to panic about when to plan the best and most efficient time to get their spray tan to gain optimum results. So this blog is here to solve all your planning problems! Read on to learn some valuable tips to get the best quality spray tan this wedding season.

Wedding tan DO’S

Schedule a trial tan: Spray tanning comes in many shades, ranging from light to double dark!! For this reason it is strongly recommended that you schedule a “trial” tan a couple of weeks before the wedding day to ensure you know what colour looks best on you…a fake tan disaster is the last thing you need on your big day!

Plan the right time: It’s best to plan your spray tan 1-3 days before the wedding day. For example if your wedding is on a Saturday and the rehearsal is a Friday night, you should plan your spray tan for the Thursday! REMEMBER…you cannot shower, or workout for 8 hours whilst your tan develops. So plan accordingly!

Wear loose clothing after you tan: After a spray tan is applied it is important to wear loose, dark clothing. Wearing tight clothing after a spray tan can cause the spray tan to rub off or go patchy. You should plan to wear loose clothing up until your first shower, at least 8 hours after you tan.

Wedding tan DON’TS

Don’t plan to wear white the same day as you tan: DO NOT plan to go to a wedding dress fitting the same day you spray tan! The tanning bronzer will get on your gown even if it’s not developed. After 8 hours and a shower, it will be safe to put on your wedding gown.

Don’t get the very first tan of your life the day before your wedding: If you have never had a spray tan or used tanning products at home before then it is not recommended that you spray tan the day before the big event. This is due to the rare possibility of an adverse reaction or don’t like the way you look with a spray tan. Schedule a trial spray tan a couple of weeks before so you can get the right colour and make sure you love the way you look!

Don’t be nervous: If you follow the do’s and don’ts of spray tanning in this blog then there is nothing to worry about! Your tan will look flawless. So relax, have a glass of champagne and enjoy the weeks leading up to your big day, and you’ll be sure to look perfect when your wedding day arrives.