Benefits of a VersaSpa Spray Tan

May 21, 2018 HOT Tanning


A VersaSpa spray tan is different from your usual traditional sunless tanning, it is an experience that pampers you and keeps your skin golden all year round.  So here are the benefits of finding a VersaSpa near you…



VersaSpa Combines Science with Beauty


VersaSpa spray tanning is unlike other spray tans because the technology behind it is based on science. The automated spray tan booth rejuvenates your skin cells to give you a beautiful, golden tan. The formula features a proprietary blend of brown and green marine algae that detoxify, oxygenate and moisturise your skin while transforming it into a natural tan colour.


You Get a Gorgeous Tan Every Time (No Streaks in Sight!)


The VersaSpa tanning formula isn’t the only impressive part of this tanning booth. The application process is also unique in its own right. It is the most efficient spray tan technology available. The automated booth will have you do four different poses and the machine will coat your body in moisturiser, followed by the tan solution.




VersaSpa Spray Tanning Treats Your Skin Right

There are different options with the VersaSpa automated spray tan booth to give you a flawless, streak free tan. Choose from 3 different golden shades including:

    Golden dark ⚈ Dark ⚈ Double Dark

There are also different options of how your tan can be applied…

Clear Extended Tan – This option is invisible during the application process, and the color will gradually appear over the next 4-8 hours. It is formulated with Erythrulose and Eco-Certified DHA for long-lasting results.

Instant Bronzer with Extended Tan – If you want to be able to see the colour right away, this treatment will shower your skin with an immediate deep tan colour, while still giving you the extended tanning after the application.


If you are in search of a VersaSpa spray tan near you, look no further than HOT! Tanning Salons. We have salons in various locations across Glasgow and the West to help you get the beautiful golden tan you’re looking for.