May 4, 2018 HOT Tanning

Prom is a time to look and feel your best, especially in your teenage years – when it’s hard enough to have confidence and on top of that, you now have social media pressures. We know how hard it is being a girl in this day and age so we want to give you the low down on how to be PROM PERFECT.

Get your makeup done by a professional! It makes a HUGE difference in pictures and in person. It’s your one night to really showcase how awesome you are. Going with friends and getting your makeup done by a Make Up Artist is one of those things that is SO fun to do and all part of the preparation for the big event!

Buy a dress that you could wear again. No, not to next years prom, but maybe to a family wedding or something special where you’ll want a beautiful dress again.

Get a spray tan! Girls it’s one night and you want your skin to be glowing in a HEALTHY way because you’re young and beautiful. ALL dresses look better with a hint of bronzed skin. We have just came out a long winter so treat your skin to a hydrating, organic, vegan and cruelty free tan.

Forget about those insecurities and tan in complete privacy with our spray tan booth at HOT!

Take a lot of pictures. We know, you have a phone and live on it, BUT take real pictures and PRINT them. Wait, did we say print pictures? We sure did. These are photos you will want to keep forever. You could even use a polaroid camera that does the instant print and create some very cool wall art.

Dance like no one’s watching even if the entire school is watching. You KNOW you’ve got good moves that need to be seen so channel your inner Beyonce and DO IT!!!

Girls, you are beautiful, amazing people. Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle or take away your shine. Enjoy your prom and make the best memories because you’re only in high school once and if you do it right, once is enough (trust us, we know).