How to keep motivated to eat well in winter.

November 3, 2017

How to keep motivated to eat well in winter.

It’s November now and is truly into the winter months now. This is normally the time when we all want to cuddle up surrounded by rubbish TV, blankets, and hot water bottles then indulging in some comfort food. This blog post is going to talk about 5 top tips that can help you stay motivated to eat well in winter instead of over indulging and regretting it by the time summer comes around… so here goes…

1) Exercise
Right we know this is easier said than done in the horrible winter nights but why not try a morning run or gym session before you start work or on your lunch break? That way you do not have to be outside on the dark nights. If it is energy you are lacking, there are fabulous supplements out there that can help keep you on track whilst giving you that much longed for energy. For example our Trim Active MAXX1 supplements had added green coffee – this might be the kick start you need…

2) Set Goals
We can’t get anywhere if we don’t set our self goals. Make sure they are SMART! They need to be specific to your needs; they need to be achievable and realistic in order for you not to be disappointed. The key is to start small and that way you will more likely achieve the goal you set and it will make you feel great that you have achieved it no matter how great or small.

3) Reward Yourself
When you achieve a goal you have set yourself always remember and reward yourself for your hard work. That could be treating yourself to a new outfit, buying yourself that piece of furniture that you have been lusting after for your living room or pampering yourself with a sunbed or spray tan session! You deserve it!

4) Re-evaluate your excuses
It is so easy to talk ourselves out of eating healthy, whether that be saying yes to that take away because you haven’t had one all week or saying it’s too cold to run outside. These excuses can mount up and before you know it you are completely off track. Sit back and re-evaluate your excuses and see if you really need that take away or could you have the meal you prepped up, and is it really too cold to run outside or do you just need a little energy boost to get you going? This is a key to help keep you motivated in winter and don’t let your excuses get the better of you!

5) Try new things!
Don’t get stuck in a rut, it is so easy to lose faith in eating healthy because you start to get bored. Why not try new recipes and mix and match ingredients to create something new. This way you and your taste buds don’t get bored and start craving junk food. If it is organisation you struggle with maybe start food prepping, that way it is easier to eat better even when you have less time to. Sometimes in winter we lack energy because of our lack of vitamin D. Why not try upping your Vitamin D levels with a sunbed and reap the benefits of having more energy to be motivated to eat better.

So there you have it our tip 5 tips to keep motivated in winter. We hope this has spurred you on to achieve your health and fitness goals for this winter. Keep following us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all our inspiration posts to get  you through the winter months too!