Best Halloween costumers to show off your tan!

October 17, 2017

The Best EASY to do Halloween costumers to show off your tan! Now this blog post is just a bit of fun and it rounds up our 5 favourite Halloween costume ideas of 2017 to give you some inspiration. Remember with any good costume the best accessory is a fabulous TAN! So let’s jump right in and start shall we?


Number 1 is….. UNICORN! 2017 is the year of the unicorn. It is the year when the unicorn emoji was created and it is a fabulous idea for a Halloween costume. All you need is some pastel coloured make up, a unicorn horn, glitter and of course a tan and you are ready to go!

Number 2 is….. Snap Chat Filters! Stand out from the crowd this year and choose from the many snap chat filters to dress up as! For example the dog filter, all you need is some ears and a nose with a tongue. For the outfit itself its all YELLOW! Either a yellow dress or a top and shorts, just remember and stick a white ghost logo on it and you are good to go!

Number 3 is….. POP TART! Now, this costume, is great if you simply just run out of time! All you need is a beige base cut out a light pink material for the icing and stick on to the beige base top with some multi coloured pom poms and you turn into a pop tart! Simple! Remember to get a spray tan before you so you don’t look too washed out with that beige outfit on!

Number 4 is….. A Pineapple. Not quite one of your five a day but a fab costumer idea none the less, where you can really show off some tanned legs! This one is so easy to make, simple throw on a yellow outfit and get some green paper and make it into the shape of leaves and attached to a hair clip or hair band! Now you have no excuse to not go to that last minute Halloween party you have been invited to!

Number 5 is….. Candy Floss. Looking for an outfit that you can guarantee no one else is wearing? Then grab the cotton wool and dye and turn yourself into a stick of candy floss. Very unique and one way to definitely show off a lovely spray tan!