10 Tips for the Ultimate Summer Body

May 10, 2017

summer body

Summer is just around the corner, which means sun, holidays and fun! So we thought that we would make a list of tips to help you get to the ultimate summer body, including how to be confident and stay motivated! 

  • Turn Off the TV and Step Away From the Computer

One way to get on the way to your summer body is to get outside. Instead of sitting watching TV, switch it off and head out for a walk. 10 minutes or 2 hours it doesn’t matter it will all add up and help you mentally and physically reach your goals

  • Make sure you eat breakfast

It is often thought that if you are on a diet that you should skip breakfast. This is a big no no. Start your day on a high with a fresh and nutritious breakfast. It kick starts your metabolism and keeps you going until lunch time. Banish those pesky cravings!

  • Drink Wisely

Don’t forget to drink water. Sometimes when you feel hungry it is actually just dehydration. So next time when you feel peckish outside of meal times have some water and chances are that will be all you needed!

  • Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is not only good for the beauty benefits but also helps you stay motivated. Getting a good 8 hours every night really does set you up to stay on plan and have the energy to go to that extra work out class or even go a long walk.

Sick of those jiggly bits and terrified of being in a bikini this summer? We feel you… this is where vibration plates can help. They help to tone those stubborn areas that just don’t shift. You can be rocking the ultimate summer body but remember to see the full benefit of vibration plates a course of sessions are advisable.

  • Plan Your Meals

There is nothing worse than getting home from a hard day’s work and realising you have nothing more than a ready meal and a loaf of bread. How to avoid this? PLAN PLAN PLAN ahead. It’s easier than it seems. Write a basic shopping list you can always keep in your bag with the healthy essentials on it to make the meals you need in advance.

  • Show Some Skin

Summer is just around the corner, so don’t hide underneath layers and layers of clothing. Why not try an off the shoulder top, or three quarter length trousers. Not feeling quite as confident showing some skin? Then see tip 7

  • Tanning

Feeling a little bit under confident? Then a tanning session will be your best friend. Having a tan is the KEY to the ultimate summer body. Whether that is using our fab range of sun beds, the spray tan booth or our range of self tans – we have something to suit everyone. Don’t get toned – get tanned

To get to the ultimate summer body we sometimes need a lil helping hand. Slimming supplements can suppress your appetite so it helps stop the urge to snack throughout the day. There are many of supplements out there but make sure you choose one that can also increase your metabolism too!

  • Stay Motivated

Getting to your ultimate summer body is sometimes hard and can be difficult to stay motivated. A good idea to stay motivated is to always have a goal in mind and remember that not everything happens over night. Another tip to stay motivated is following a few health/fitness/fashion bloggers/vloggers on Instagram and YouTube. These people talk about their experiences and it could really be the motivation you need.